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Shafaa Macrodose Magic Mushroom Vegan Fruit Strips Edibles

Shafaa’s Macrodose Magic Mushroom Vegan Fruit Strips are made of 100% organic fruits. They are designed to be thin dissolvable strips, each containing 0.5 g of active psilocybin mushrooms, to be kept in the mouth for a full dissolution. This full fruit product is concocted to have the taste you love while hiding the nutty and dry taste of magic mushrooms. Shrooms contribute to our epigenetic neurogenesis and for the first time ever, they have combined them with another family of fruits that offer similar enhancements, especially blueberries. That is why they have included berries in the design of both flavors: Sweet Apple & Berries, and Sour Plum & Barberry. Every piece of SHAFAA macrodose magic mushroom vegan fruit strip contains 0.5 g of psilocybe cubensis mushrooms. The onset of your psychedelic trip is faster if the fruit strips are kept in your mouth, dissolved, and absorbed into the bloodstream sublingually through the tissues under your tongue.