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Shafaa Macrodosing Magic Mushroom Gummies Edibles

Shafaa Macrodosing Magic Mushroom Gummies are sugar-coated, tasteful hemispheric-shape tender gummies. Shafaa Macrodosing has worked extensively in collaboration with the most competitive pastry chefs in the market to develop the best quality, taste, smell, texture, and potency. The formula is optimized to fully mask the mushroom’s taste without having to ingest a large number of edibles for your psychedelic journey. Every piece of Shafaa macro dosing magic mushroom gummies contains 0.5 grams of psilocybe cubensis mushrooms (Golden Teacher or Penis Envy Shrooms) and are available in two delicious flavors: Blueberry and Mango & Peach. These 500mg macrodose magic mushroom gummies are offered in four safe doses of Heal (2g), and Dissolve (5g).   Choose from 2 flavors:
  • Blueberry
  • Mango & Peach